Multiple Sclerosis

Fingolimod approved!

First, the good news, a week ago the EMEA informed positively for Gilenya (Fingolimod) approval. This will expand the spectrum of therapeutic options for patients with multiple sclerosis and will fulfill the long desired availability of oral drugs for that chronic disease.

The bad news are that only selected patients will have access to this new drug and will not need to inject anything. Candidate pantients will be those that do not respond to a complete “a full and adequate” course of Interferon beta or those with high activity at the begining of the disease. This indication copies that of the Tysabri and restricts quite a bit the number of candidate patients. It is quite surprising that EMEA had not reserved a third indication for those that have cutaneous or systemic side effects wih current treatments, mostly when the great advantages that fingolimod pills add are comfort in administration and tolerance, and not efficacy that only slightly overtakes that of interferons. On one hand we may have an alternative for those patients with increased activity in which we think natalizumab may be too much but in the other hand this can delay natalizumab start in those patients who really deserve it.

Anyway, Gilenya approval is good news for the Neuroimmunology community and hope we can have it available the sooner to treat MS.

For details, find attached the EMEA report.

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