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Narcolepsy: welcome to neuroimmunology!

A recent report in Science Traslational Medicine (1) has deserved a lot of attention by mainstream media. Headlines referred to it as the confirmation that narcolepsy is an autoimmune disease. Narcolepsy is an interesting disease both clinically (sleep attacks, cataplexy, sleep paralysis, visual hallucinations during early sleep and awakening…) and pathophysiologically. Current knowledge points at […]

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Extraordinary claims…

… require extraordinary evidence. That is the heading of a “Message from the Editor” in Annals of Neurology published online in April 2011. It comments on a paper demonstrating the absence of retroviral particles in CSF of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome while criticizes the role of publishers (and researchers)  paying (too much) attention to […]

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Plasmapheresis guidelines for NeuroImmune disorders

AAN evidence based reviews don’t add anything new to what we probably know (or should know) or suspect about a treatment or intervention, but it’s always useful to have all data summarized to avoid the whole process of revision by oneself. In the last issue of Neurology journal we’ll find an evidence-based review about the […]


Here we go!

Taking a look around the internet, trying to find a blog/podcast/newsfeed/whatever, to discuss, learn and update about neuroimmunology i found almost nothing and decided to create this blog with that purpose. There may not be many neuroimmunologists out there but i think it’ll be enough if a few gather round this blog and comment what […]